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Eugene from a payphone
1 month ago

I worry the Governor Wideload wants the money for public pension debt and new spending. No help for the suckers out of work and losing their homes and businesses because of his dictates.

1 month ago

Illinois has to borrow money and here all along I thought they had a tree that grows money up there in Springfield/Chicago.

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago
Reply to  Riverbender

They have you, which is just as good as a money tree

1 month ago

The name “Illinois” is just as offensive to native Americans as “Chief Illiniwek” was.

I say, enough!!!

Let us officially change the name to, “The State of Intoxication” and be done with it.

This would not only end the degradation of native Americans but would much better describe the states population as it exists today.

What could possibly be more reasonable!?

1 month ago

What a disgrace! Moodys please downgrade this municipal debt once and for all! They can’t balance a budget without two rounds of emergency borrowing.

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

That’s pocket change for the Dictator! He has to pay this

1 month ago

Wow, shows what an incredibly desperate fiscal situation Illinois is in. Illinois is still only state to borrow from fed flm program and now is going back for a second round for another $2 bil, all which will have to be paid back on the tax payers dime!! without a dime of cuts to state workers. And the machine can’t even wait till Georgia January runoff..unbalivable!!

Fed up neighbor
1 month ago

Just never ever ends