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Illinois Entrepreneur
5 days ago

I am 100% on the side of freedom, and support individual choice in these matters.

But I will not abide our “leaders” making separate sets of rules for them and another set for me.

If we do that, we are condemned to more and more of this, and we might as well be getting ready to bribe the guard at the gate anytime we want something.

I will not give them that power.

Fed up neighbor
5 days ago

So what who cares these are desperate times, people need haircuts, shoes,clothing but are great leader chuckles the clown (Pritzker) took it upon himself to decide what is essential and nonessential. Give people a break and grow up these are tuff times for everybody for sometime to come.

5 days ago

Probably had no business turning the police station into a salon but that self-employed stylist likely needed money to feed the family. These are extraordinary times.

The Truth Hurts
5 days ago
Reply to  debtsor

Agreed. Performing services like this on government property is wrong but earning a living by providing a service that someone else wants is right and necessary. It’s the very definition of free trade. Both the person performing and receiving the service are well aware of the risks and yet they still concluded it was worth it to engage in this form of free trade. The speakeasy hair salon.

If people are worried that these types of situations are further spreading the virus then they should stay locked away until they feel safe. The rest of us will move forward.

5 days ago

I could make the argument that police officers need haircuts to keep the hair out of their eyes. Otherwise they won’t see crimes being committed because their view is blocked. So technically, a haircut is a job requirement for the job, and therefore, essential. Suck on that JBelgua.