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9 days ago

I remember seeing Bob Fioretti in a debate with John Stossel on pensions. Stossel believes in pension reform and Bob Fioretti argued vigorously against pension reform. I wonder what his LLC earns in fees from Harvey, Illinois.

Juicy Smollier
12 days ago

Yup, and it’s going to be funnier when Trump wins and then they have to make some real tough decisions as he and the Senate tell them to pound sand.

9 days ago
Reply to  Juicy Smollier

I’m not so sure Trump will win or the republicans hold the senate. Each day it looks more likely that the three branches of the government will be colored blue by the time of the presidential inauguration.

12 days ago

I laboratory experiment displaying the future of IL, bondholders and pensioners.

The Truth Hurts
12 days ago
Reply to  Locke

This has been a problem for Harvey bondholders for quite awhile. The state responded by forcing Harvey to pay (withhold state funds) into their pension funds first and let everyone else (bondholders, city employees, etc…) fight over the scraps. The pensioners are fine and continue to receive full payment.

Poor Taxpayer
12 days ago

The non-productive are the important people in Government.
The first question a new employee ask is when do I get my huge pension?

10 days ago
Reply to  Poor Taxpayer

An 80 year old pensioner makes more in one year of retirement than he/she made in the first ten years of employment for the state,