Ted talks with Tom Miller of WJPF Radio to discuss Harvey and the possibility that hundreds of other cities across the state could have their revenues garnished to pay their public safety pensions.

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2 years ago

Ted-fantastic interview, Yes, it’s the state that set all the absurd pension rules. but if your gigantic cps/ctu you get to tear up the rule book and the state bails out your pension. I realize cps/ctu is not cop or fire pension, but if your a tax payer, prop owner, in a municipal pension don’t you have to demand from the state your bailout too? also, the optics couldn’t get anymore hypocritical than haven good old comptroller double dip-Mendoza (or does she have 3 pensions by now?) enforcing taxing poor black folks out of there homes. where’s J Jackson and… Read more »

2 years ago

The school districts in Harvey are still running at full speed. Have they cut corners to help out? Does anyone know details? Any layoffs or are they hiring more administrators? Are they considering consolidating with other school districts to help the town? We probably know the answer to that.

Mr. Common Sense
2 years ago

Just another democrat run city.