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Twenty-two school districts filed a lawsuit reported today by NPR Illinois against the State of Illinois. They want $7.2 billion and they want it now.

So does the State Superintendent.

Based on what?

That would be the state’s own law about “adequacy” for school funding. It’s “evidence based,” after all. It’s in the new school funding formula passed into law in August that pretty much everybody in Springfield has been bragging about.

Add that “evidence” about “adequacy” to the state’s constitution, which imposes the “primary responsibility” for financing public schools on the state and you have yourself a lawsuit.

Maybe the lawsuit has little chance of succeeding, but that’s anybody’s guess since the Illinois courts that will hear it are political. Regardless, it’s blood from a turnip even if it succeeds.

We warned you about implications like this in the new school funding formula while it was pending, but I already wore out the told-you-so thing yesterday.

Mark Glennon is founder and Executive Editor of Wirepoints.


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Kvetch 22th

Washington State has had a similar suit based on a similar constitutional provision. Below is an excerpt from a newspaper article on legal fees: “The lawsuit has cost more and gone on longer than anyone expected, he added. Brossoit thinks the WEA deserves credit for paying the bulk of the legal costs and for not making a big deal out of that fact. Attorney Tom Ahearne acknowledged the firm billed the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools several million dollars from 2007 to 2014 and that most of the money came from the teacher assessment. His law firm would not… Read more »

Throughout this awesome scheme of things you actually get an A for effort and hard work. Where you actually misplaced us ended up being on the details. You know, people say, details make or break the argument.. And it couldn’t be more correct at this point. Having said that, let me inform you what did deliver the results. Your article (parts of it) is certainly very powerful and this is most likely why I am making the effort to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Secondly, despite the fact that I can easily see… Read more »


This is Bob – responding to my article? If so I can go more into detail.

Mr. Common Sense

if they win, most of the money would go right into the pension accounts


The frustration with the pension fiasco is understandable, and could have been avoided. 80% of this year payment (if made) will just go to cover past abuse. At the same time, the “fraud Tax” will continue to drain billions – Link card scams (buy em 50 cents on the dollar), Employment, Comp, you name it. Curious the anger that can be leveled at the elderly retired and not at the grifters. But, the people of Illinois are ultimately to blame. It is demonstrably clear the we have sent “show horses” off to Springfield and mot :work horses:.I hate to be… Read more »


I am in the process of making a garlic necklace and buying some crosses. Could be a lucrative business venture in Illinois.

Bob Sanders

Tax the Illuminati!!

They have been running a shadow deep state government in Illinois for years now.

I have a map that can help us locate the entrance to the cave.


I am taking the state back from the Illuminati!!!



This will be the basis of a Harvard law class someday. Title: Death, Destruction and Demise of Illinois

Bob Sanders

Harvard law school, skull and bones, Illuminati, and ufos.

All part of the same problem!!

Kvetch 22

Dershowitz could git r done.


I think not. If so, Detroit, once the richest city in the country would be a course. That’s a far more interesting topic. They don’t like to learn from their mistakes. They double down.


Interesting that many of the suing school districts are in Manar’s district.

Bob Sanders

Manar is the gate keeper. We must not allow the gate keeper to meet the ring master. Cuz if those two get together we are totally screwed


Similar to the contract clause: “let it be so.” It worked for God in the Old Testament, so perhaps it will work for the legislature.

Mike xyz

It would be helpful to know the case number.

The case number pictured in the NPR article is 2017-CH-301 which is a case from last year.