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” Get it right and lower-income people will get new options to stay in town without having to starve their kids. ” In the era of Trump, there is no nuance, or accurate reporting, just hyperbole and exaggeration. There is plenty of affordable housing all around Chicago. Its just not in the ‘rich’ areas of town. And it has been this way ever since humans first started building civilization. Housing inside the city walls always costed far more than housing outside of the walls. Just like today, it’s more expensive to live downtown than it is to live in Dunning. this research on gentrification flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Data dogs will appreciate it but probably won’t change their opinion. The real reason that pols hate gentrification is the wealthier you are, the less you have to cow tow and pay attention to them.


I saw that article too, it says that gentrification doesn’t displace the natural turnover in cities, it merely replaces those who were already decided to move, and in the process, diversifies a neighborhood while raising everyone’s home values. But of course, gentrification is just a white supremacist power structure used to displace the housing of POC. Which, the more I read about people’s views about gentrification, i’ve come to believe that its that POC just don’t want white people living in their communities. The word gentrification is a dog whistle for anti-white hatred and anti-white racism. But they’ve got that… Read more »

Illinois Entrepreneur

You nailed it again, debtsor! We see eye to eye on a lot of things.


And to think, this side of 10 years ago, it was left-leaning hipsters who were leading the gentrification charge.


And it is still left-leaning hipsters leading the gentrification change. It’s not frat boys named Chad from the University of Michigan moving into Avondale and Pilsen and Humboldt. It’s the scurvy looking hipster with the nasty facial hair and the fixed gear bike who is using white power structures to displace POC in these neighborhoods.