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Ronnie Justice
1 month ago

It looks pretty good with the wife going to a Republican led state that’s handled all this very good.

Richard Poo Millersky
2 months ago

Jay Bob Pritzker 😁

Mary Kathryn Muenster Pritzker 😝

2 months ago

Ah, the intelligence of the low information voters of the state. They unceremoniously kicked out of office a millionaire governor, because he only cared about the rich, and elected a billionaire governor, who only cares about himself. The irony of this all is that both Rauner and JB’s wife are now living in FL. Actually, it wasn’t the Republican voters of the state, Rauner only lost something like 100,000 state wide votes. It was the 800,000 new voters that showed up (dead or alive) and nearly all of them ‘voted blue no matter who’. 400,000 of them came just from… Read more »

Joe Blow
2 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

They were really excited that JB said he was going to stand up to the orange man

2 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

We moved in 2018 out of the burning dumpster fire.When we vote in our new conservative state you can feel that it is honest,I voted in il for years,but the same crooks kept wining

2 months ago

International news. Our alustrius gov has officially made international news with his idiocy.

a person
2 months ago

There aren’t enough toilets in their Illinois mansion.
Besides they realize that the Florida governor got it right.