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13 days ago

ABC 7 has a number of employees who have ties to the Democrat party so would not expect anything more than to try and get all sorts of stories wrong out there.

14 days ago

At the website they state that 168 people died on 11-19-20 from Covid 94 people were between 80’s to 100 38 were in their 70’s the rest were mostly 60’s with a few younger. How many of these were otherwise healthy other than contracting Covid? How many were in nursing homes? My guess is most were on multiple medications and not many are dying who are younger who are not yet on medications except for a select few. 128,000 die yearly from properly prescribed meds. 1.9 Mil hospitalizations from properly prescribed meds plus another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given… Read more »

14 days ago

Total BS