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1 month ago

With Lard A** at the helm of ILLINOIS what do you expect?

Fed up neighbor
1 month ago

So Pritzker is begging the federal government for more unemployment money, but what the hell is Illinois doing about the fraud that is occurring. I just do not understand this man and his priorities, what gives chuckles clean it up fix it you fool.

1 month ago

BigBelt [the new B.B.] is a guy that could actually afford to repay the damage he is responsible for. There is no governmental immunity for stupid. It’s not that it hasn’t happened before. A pretty good contingent fee awaits. If the A.G. won’t do it [see Attorney General Revives Lawsuit Against State Pension Officials and Hedge Funds – Kentucky Center for Investigative ReportingKentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (kycir.org)] hire a Qui Tam expert and go for it. I doubt Biden can pardon him nor would any jail want to feed him.