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The Truth Hurts
6 months ago

So the polling sites where many senior citizens will volunteer and vote will be at risk. The bars where younger demographics gather will be closed. We are protecting the young and putting the senior population at risk. Got to love a politicians logic.

6 months ago

The logic is just fine: In our area, seniors reliably vote Democrats. As Nancy Pelosi once said, votes are the keys to the kingdom in our system. So nothing, nothing at all, will stop Democrat politicians from getting their votes. Especially in our state, where the primary is the only election that really matters, where the Democrat who wins the primary is 99% assured to win the general. The real election is Tuesday. The grisly prospect of scores of dead elderly in the future is irrelevant to the Democrats who need the votes today. Very sad, but very true. And… Read more »

6 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

We left illinois,it will be DEM till the state is 100% distroyed!