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3 days ago

All of this “reform” B.S. has one targeted audience, I’ll let you guess which audience, and mostly applies to Cook County Chicago where violent crime is out of control yet a majority of those violent crimes are committed by? The net result is the body count in Chicago is on the up elevator. The criminals will be released with no consequences and will continue their reign of terror mostly in the communities most affected by violent crime. Sit back with a bag of popcorn because new hit movie will be “Escape From Chicago”.

Platinum Goose
4 days ago

For job reasons I can’t leave the state yet, unless our office converts to remote then I’m out of here. I was ok with losing money on my house because any loss would be way offset by the income I have coming in the next few years. Now I have to worry about my personal safety. I expect Chicago to fully embrace this, hopefully DuPage County will find a way around all this crap.

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4 days ago

This bill adds cost and additional tax dollars, changes the way Police deal with criminals and most disturbingly removes, completely, cash bail requirements. Allowing criminals to run free while awaiting their day in court. What the heck is happening to our world? This makes absolutely no sense and puts innocent citizens and Police at risk…I really do not understand.

4 days ago

Anybody that can leave will,the rest will be cannon fodder.

Governor of Alderaan
4 days ago

It is now illegal to be a police officer in Illinois

3 days ago

If we could only apply the same standard to the politicians. Why are the politicians not wearing body cams with 24 hour streams from the office with audio?

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Tom Paine's Ghost
4 days ago

This legislation is disgusting. These IL Democrats have made a massive mistake and will all suffer for it in the 2022 elections.

Illinois Entrepreneur
4 days ago

I would love for your prediction to come true, but it won’t. The public employee unions (police excepted in this case) will get their army out and they will all vote for the Democrats as they are told. Cash will flow to the Democrats from the union heads, and nothing will change. The suburban and Chicago limousine liberals will stupidly vote them in as well, because they could never bring themselves to vote “for the enemy.” They stand for “social justice” after all, and anyone else is just trash. It will only change when the state literally cannot borrow anymore.… Read more »

4 days ago

Millions of lifelong Democrats would have to change their votes to Republicans in unison. This will never happen. Branding won’t fix the problem. The most likely scenario is that the moderate Democrats who voted against this bill will be primaried by Progressives and lose their seats. The progressive Rabbi in Skokie who voted *present* for an abortion bill was ran out of office like he was a rabid Trump supporter despite being ultra progressive on ever issue. Things will only get worse before they get better. Look at California and New York. Leave the state now.

4 days ago

Chicago and Cook County would vote for Hitler if he ran as a demoncrat