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Governor of Alderaan
2 months ago

The yellow coward Jabba leaked it to a bunch of union sycophants at the Slum Times.

2 months ago

Exclusives pretty much ensure puffery. Even so, there’s still very little data or modeling in this article. At a minimum though, he’s now backtracked on claiming Illinois will peak in Mid-May. I guess they couldn’t find even a remotely credible model to back that up, other than COVID Act Now.

2 months ago

The catholic church had mass only in latin for 1,000 years after people stopped speaking it. In ancient Mesopotamia, the only people who could read were the scribes in the temples. In 21st century, Illinois, the only people with access to red death data are select few government workers and their lapdog access journalists. It’s been 5,000 years of recorded history, and nothing changes.