Ted was on with Amy Jacobson and Paul Vallas this week discussing Illinois’ continued failure to protect retirement home residents from COVID and the LaSalle Veterans Home scandal.


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23 days ago

It’s heartbreaking to not be able to correct Porky’s disassociation with nursing homes and assisted living locations, they’re all suffering. These residents have no choice, be locked up or threatened with death. Another area Porky fails in are certain groups of people and their habits. I live across from a cemetery and see funerals all the time. Why are certain ethnic groups allowed to gather at the grave site in large groups, no masking, no distancing, participating with loud music and public drinking for hours … while just down the way a 90 year old’s funeral is limited to two… Read more »

Ex Illini
23 days ago

If JB had focused on the nursing homes and assisted living facilities he wouldn’t have been able to impose his will on enough people, so he shut the whole state down instead. For that we have an economy that may never recover, with thousands of lost businesses and unemployed. Dreams delayed and destroyed by an egomaniac that has never been told no in his life. And along with that fiscal nightmare, we have a death toll that is extremely high. If you look up trainwreck in the dictionary there is a picture of JB.

Thee Jabroni
23 days ago
Reply to  Ex Illini

According to governor lumpalump,he was following the “science”!

24 days ago

Liberals/Dems have faith in the government to act in their best interests. Conservatives/GOP do not. That’s what it all boils down to. If you happen to be the latter group, caught in state where the majority is opposed to you, it’s not difficult to figure out what you need to do (and the sooner the better).

Governor of Alderaan
24 days ago

The economy was shut down for no reason by socialists who don’t believe in a free market economy to begin with