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1 month ago

I voted no because Dems lie all the time. Sooner later it will be tax the middle class because the rich moved out of state

1 month ago

Wow so much to unload on here. Publication called Jacobin after the perpetrators of the Reign of Terror of the French revolution? They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Rauner left the state a mess? I guess 30 years of Madigan doesn’t count. Pritzker the would-be saviour, but the people of Illinois are too dumb to understand? Please spare me!

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Ex Illini
1 month ago

The defeat of the so called “fair” tax is the first nail in the coffin where JB’s political career will rest. The sooner the better.

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

They forgot how the Dictator who lead the fight for the Blank Check Amendment committed tax fraud by removing the toilets from one of his mansions

Former Chicagoan
1 month ago

Author Ryan.

Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem.

1 month ago

Me thinks the author tis a hypocrite. Mr. Griffin paid roughly $75,000,000 in state taxes last year. I imagine the author of this slanted piece of shit paid a few grand at best. The current tax system is fair you ungrateful clown.

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Fed up neighbor
1 month ago

I most certainly like your post name, you are not alone I’m in the same boat

Platinum Goose
1 month ago

Thank you Ken Griffin.