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Defund Democraps
10 days ago

Everyone will have had CV before all said and done.

10 days ago

Cases–perhaps–but it doesn’t mean that someone is in the hospital. It does not mean that someone is feeling symptoms. The majority of people recover from this. The state of Illinois wants to use this pandemic as a scare tactic to make people more dependent upon the government. It has been shown to be true because of all that Pritzker has put forth and what he has not opened. His science is kabuki science.

10 days ago
Reply to  anonymous

Out of 12M population there are 331,620 cases of which 9,127 died. The 9,127 that died out of 12M is .076% or less than .1%. According to IDPH there is a 96% recovery rate out of the 331,620 cases. Hope my math is correct.