The deadly Wuhan coronavirus currently overwhelming China is also damaging its economy. Experts fear that China might not be able to buy all of the $32 billion of U.S. agricultural goods it promised for 2020, including soybeans from Illinois, America’s top soybean-producing state.

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5 months ago

““You’ve got what looks like a pandemic, possibly, on top of an uncertain trade deal,” Hubbs said. “It’s just a lot of uncertainty.” I’m just a casual observer to all of this, relying on the imperfect random Twitter accounts and business reporting to understand what is going on, but this pandemic is going to cripple the Chinese, if not the world economy. Tens of millions of people are quarantined, and tens of millions of people are in self-quarantine, not going to work, as factories are shutting down across the country, and American companies are closing their offices and factories for… Read more »