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11 months ago

I’m sure the woke will throw in a $15 per hour, healthcare and mandatory union and residency requirements onto the investors too!

11 months ago

Articale confirms how wildly over optimistic illinois pol think they’ll bring in a year–$60 million & $240 mill from initial licensing?? When new New Jersey has only brought in $13 mill so far this year..or maybe ill pols dont care, they can just throw out some phoney estimate of projected revenue and the let the bond issuance/spending palloza begin!!!

11 months ago

Cook County needs an extra 2% to prop up their criminal justice system? So legalized sports gambling increases the cost of law enforcement? If that’s the case, shouldn’t every county judicial system be reimbursed 2% by the state? Leave it to Cook County to never pass up an opportunity to add a surcharge to the state’s surcharge. What a joke.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

Money grows on trees, didn’t you know? If you tax it, the revenue will come!