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14 days ago

Big Deal!
No Sympathy!
The Italians, Germans, Irish and many more ******Legal ********Immigrants did the same!

Fed up neighbor
14 days ago
Reply to  Lana

Exactly right, no sympathy if you don’t like it guess what go back.

14 days ago

This is what bugs me, these young men come to this country because their country is crap. Why aren’t these young men fighting to turn their own homelands around. Also, I’m sure this country gives Guatemala aid, so why don’t we stop that until they have a working government. We prop up these countries, nothing ever changes and their young men leave to come here for jobs. In another 10 years I can see this country turning to crap with drug gangs and anarchists running the show, What happens then. Can we all move to Guatemala? Where are all our… Read more »

Governor of Alderaan
14 days ago

Why doesn’t ProPublica give them jobs, jobs for life with 6 figure salaries, 8 weeks paid vacation, free healthcare, free childcare, guaranteed COLAs, tuition reimbursement, housing subsidies, transportation subsidies, maternity/paternity leave, free petcare, and generous pensions? People before profits!

15 days ago

Gee, if the work is too dangerous they should go home. To Guatemala.

14 days ago
Reply to  Strelnikov

I’ve wondered why and you know one reason these young men flee here is that all of these central and south american governments have very strict gun laws and it’s almost impossible to arm yourself unless you join a drug gang. The law abiding can’t obtain firearms to fight back and win back their country, so they flee here. Remember that when the democrats start whittling away our second amendment rights. The only ones with guns will be the government and the outlaws