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1 year ago

This is what happens when government doesn’t respect individual liberty. Let me give one example of probably a million that could be made. Abortion is legal in IL, but that wasn’t enough. No, the little tyrants have to make myself and others pay for abortions under HB40. I’m sick of everything about this state, and my family and myself honest to God hate it with passion. This is our final year here. When we set fire to our city of chicago and state of IL flags in our backyard firepit, we will get in our moving van headed out of… Read more »

james arrasmith
1 year ago
Reply to  Doug

We had it with il last year and moved to tn.last year.It is a sane place to live.So when a chicago dem threatens more communism,to take more freedom,money,peace of mind.I thank god we got out of the hell hole called illinois. 0% state income tax on wages Real firearm freedom Its all pro gun The states finances are in great shape and every thing is so much cheaper to buy. The gov,house and senate are all red.It is peace of mind that we are not getting robbed by the goverment.