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6 months ago

She was out on the west side over the holliday dishen out the census outreach $ pay-o-la $ https://chicagocitywire.com/stories/520636869-austin-chamber-of-commerce-west-side-gets-2-3m-in-census-outreach-funds. Guess its her or madigans right hand man harmon to replace cullerton,,,either way the voter has no say and are screwed as usual

6 months ago

This just shows that she obviously has the qualifications and experience for the position

6 months ago

Color me astonished.
A black woman, whose “husband” was hired as a “DIVERSITY CONSULTANT,” is associated with political corruption.

Has anyone ever been to Baltimore? Selma? Any other city run largely by people of mostly African ancestry? Why is it I can point out that Tammany Hall corruption came to America from Ireland, but the endemic corruption of places run by those of African ancestry is untouchable?

What do we learn about those who we’re not allowed to criticize?