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12 days ago

The restauranteur won’t criticize govt because he is smart. He knows they will come after him if he does.

13 days ago

Correction: Born with a platinum ladel in his mouth

Governor of Alderaan
12 days ago
Reply to  DixonSyder

A platinum backhoe

12 days ago

A Komatsu D-575-A 3SD Bulldozer 153 tons

13 days ago

They are destroying people’s lives, with no evidence that it has done a bit of good. Shame on the politicians who push this, and shame on the elites who work from home and cheer it on. They will come for you too someday soon.

13 days ago

These are not laws –the eateries need to remain open.
Lard A** lost control– and he knows he is not able to control anything.

Fed up neighbor
13 days ago
Reply to  anonymous

There not laws, judges that play on the side of chuckles the clown need to be prosecuted.