Join Wirepoints on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 12 p.m. CST for an online event hosted by Americans For Prosperity Illinois.

Ted Dabrowski will take participants through the negative impacts of the Coronavirus on Illinois’ people, the economy and government finances.

Illinois’ budget deficit is projected to grow by billions, the state’s unpaid bills have risen above $7.5 billion again, and the market crash will likely drive the state’s pension shortfalls above $300 billion. All of those will bring Illinois’ finances to the brink.

The silver lining? This crisis will bring clarity to the fact that only structural solutions can fix Illinois’ problems; that a pension amendment is the only way to reduce the massive retirement debts that are strangling Illinois households; that rolling back collective bargaining laws is essential to cutting the state’s unaffordable property taxes; and that consolidation of Illinois’ overlapping and duplicative 7,000 units of government is key to eliminating corruption and bloat.

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COVID-19 and the Illinois Pension Emergency: A $300 billion problem?

  • Online Zoom meeting 
  • April 6, 2020 
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST
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Poor Taxpayer
7 months ago

Pensions will be the down fall of Illinois.
DOA, a goner, no hope.
Save your breath if you think Greedy Unions will give you a break.
The virus will let you off easier.

Juicy Smollier
7 months ago

Perhaps, Ditmar … but the haircut will be required or there will be major blowback, beyond currency and economic debasement with total loss of confidence if you bail out this irresponsible group in any near “whole” capacity.

Ditmar Redfern
7 months ago

The Fed will just buy pension bonds

7 months ago

I assume this is at Central Time [you guys need to put that there]

7 months ago

I hope someone also makes this point: Anecdotal evidence suggests that medical professionals (from MDs and respiratory therapists to CNAs) are being contacted by recruiters with enormous offers of signing bonuses to go work at McCormick Place field hospital.  Think about effect: what nurse would not quit regular job to earn 6 figures for 3 months work at McCormick Place field hospital? Its not as if regular job at any hospital or nursing home is any safer; shortage of PPEs is universal now in Illinois. So then, what are short-staffed nursing homes and hospitals to do? Maybe it will never… Read more »

7 months ago

I hope someone will make this point: There are oceans of federal taxpayer money now flowing to local governments and NGOs.  Some of this money may be obtained or deployed in violation of the law. The whistleblower law (False Claims Act) allows for private citizens to sue on behalf of the government in such cases,  and be rewarded with a substantial portion of the recovery. There are many rules and conditions to be met, but all the laws are easily accessible online. Most instances of fraud in this particular crisis will go unnoticed, and all will go unpunished, unless individuals… Read more »

7 months ago

Anyway you could stream it on youtube?

Poor Taxpayer
7 months ago

The virus will let you off with far less pain and suffering than the GREEDY cops, teachers, and firemen living the luxury life in Florida on HUGE PENSIONS at a young age.
Feel like you are being screwed? It is because you are.