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useless d-suckers


Yeah, Lake County Forest Preserve Commissioners are ‘triggered’ by 150 year old confederate flag symbols. One of them even says the civil war is ‘racist’. You know, the Republicans that freed the slaves from the Democrats are ‘racist’. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drudge or Brietbart or Fox picks this up as a national news story.

Another reason why IL is the laughing stock of the country.

I used to want to live in Lake County but these days it’s become a progressive hellhole.


Meanwhile the modern Democratic party would also prefer that we all just forget that the presidency of Woodrow Wilson ever occured. Inconvenient truths, true colors, and all that jazz.


Dems are the party of slavery, Jim Crow and KKK and then turn around and blame Republicans and the ‘fake news’ southern strategy, as if disavowing a century of racism can be wiped away with one piece of fake news.


Indeed. Also remember LBJ’s assertion upon passing the Civil Rights Act re future voting trends…

Why teach when you can brainwash instead?