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Richard Poo Millersky
8 days ago

Lawndale and Garfield Park have big rats. Don’t eat from those gardens. Ewwww. ☹️

Illinois Entrepreneur
8 days ago

“People wonder why the West Side is in such a mess, but it’s because people don’t get support from the city government,” Perryman said.” I hate to be the grinch, Mr. Perryman, but join the club. What you see is a fraction of what small businesses go through. With that said, I’m not so sure that this policy is bad. I’m not real excited about having people tap into the water system without regulation and then using the water for their own benefit. You’re not even paying for the water or the cost to maintain the system, regardless of how… Read more »

8 days ago

We just had 8″ of rain in 72 hours.