Rep. Camille Y. Lilly (D-Oak Park) filed a bill last week that would ban you from pumping your own gas anywhere in Illinois.

Now, I’m guessing that will be too controversial even in Illinois so the bill won’t get far, but it tells us something about the mentality of some of our lawmakers.

Rep. Camille Lilly (D-Oak Park)

Does Lilly have any idea what her bill would add to the price of gas? Does she care? Does she know how regressive the cost would be – how much of poor and working class paychecks already go into their gas tanks?

Last week in Crain’s Governor Pritzker wrote that “we are making enormous strides forward to alleviate the tax burden on middle-class working families.”

Really? Who is? They’ve gone tone deaf. Does he think the working class doesn’t know they’re paying more in parking taxes, gas taxes, vehicle registrations, trailer licenses, cigarette taxes, gambling and dope taxes?

Does he think they won’t figure out that his proposed Fair Tax doesn’t cut taxes for them?

They’ve lost touch.

UPDATE 2/12/19: Rep. Lilly now says this on Twitter:

HB4571 is concept legislation that creates safety and convenience at the pump. It is not intended to pass as is. The bill seeks to create options for self-service, service by gas station attendant, and jobs. Input is valuable to shape into legislation the people of IL desire.

Bunk! Read the bill yourself here. She filed for a flat-out ban on pumping your own gas.

-Mark Glennon


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I fled Chicago/Cook County 20 yrs ago. Now living in rural Illinois. Gas stations around me are mostly plazas with 12 or 14 gas pumps. How many gas attendants are going to be needed? Add up the costs and gas will jump $1.00 or more per gallon. Jelly Belly is laughing at us all.

S and P 500

Maybe she’ll try to bring back elevator attendents. As far as I know the only place on the planet where they still have those is the Stratosphere (now called “The Strat”) in Las Vegas.

Ralph M. Palmer

Former DOOPER Here. Dear Old Oak Parker that LEFT Oak Park for GOOD. The Progessive Liberal Democratic Faction is so out of touch with the average taxpayer that Oak Park Officials wanted to spend $67 Million on a hole in the ground. They were then going to fill it with water and call it a Pool.

John Whitcomb

This is not at all hard to figure out. Create a new job, organize it into a union, enjoy the union member votes for Democrats, etc., the cycle continues. Instead of expanding who can vote, we should consider restricting it to those who want to return decision making to the people vs unions, special interests, lobbyists and on and on.


Correct me if I am wrong but at one time I think there were laws against pumping you own gas. With the raises in taxes, and corresponding price hikes at the pump, self service was borne to mediate the prices. Often the attendants were also mechanics and they would fill you up between repairing the cars. Many of the attendants belonged to unions yet there were no outrageous demands like the Illinois Public Workers unions do. Times have changed and the various Governmental taxing entities are winners in the changed system.


She must be to lazy to pump or dont know how. Are the attendants going to clean our windows and check the tire pressures and all the fluid levels?

Bob Out of Here

You must be as old as I am if you remember that. I was a kid at the time, but still remember service with a smile. Not pay at the pump and a cashier behind bullet proof glass.


Remember the ads on the radio like “You can trust your car to the man that wears the star….The big red Texaco star…”

Ralph M. Palmer

Gas Station Attendant so long ago, Decades Host Bill Kurtis was one of our celebrity customers. Harlem and Division Mobil. Our favorite poster was of a couple of Guys wearing Gas Station Attendant shirts with the Name Tag saying “Wash yer own damn Winders.”.

Robena Keck

It’s just a way for them to create jobs and raise gas prices and tax us even more!!! It’s reductions. I pray it doesn’t happen!!!


Don’t pray for anything in IL. Move.


You are right on target pumping my own gas saves me money and I’d like to keep it that way did anybody get their tax bill my taxes have gone up new new assessment

joe blow

your first installment tax bill is 55% of the prior year’s taxes, so you don’t know yet if your taxes went up


Your property tax bill went up but not your property value. That’s called living in IL.

Phil Featheringill

And people in Chitcago and Cook county keep voting for this BS. What in the hell is the matter with them? Democrats have not improved the lives of any Illinois citizens let alone citizens of Chitcago and Cook county. Wake up people, Vote RED, Remove Every Democrat.


Well, my entire family is from Chicago, and my great-great-great-great grandparents came over on a boat a long time ago, probably not too long after the great fire, and I think every single one of them voted Democrat, until me. Because that’s just what people did. And they still do. Old habits die hard.


Their figuratively raping us every way possible. I dont sugar coat anything so sorry if I offend anyone. But that is essentially what is happening. We should not stand for this abuse. I live In The “heart” of Illinois and I’m not feeling any love.

Pension lawayer

All dues and no dont’s

karen roothaan

I lived in Oregon for years where there is no sales tax and no pump your own gas. Pumping gas is the job you get if you cannot get a job, and with rain being the normal weather you are going to be working in rain gear and earning your $15 per hour.
People deal with paying a little extra for gas, but of course in Oregon you can register a car for three years for less than $100. Compare that to Illinois registration costs.


We also need doormen – how are we going to open the door for ourselves.
I’m going to start Door Organized Openers Membership or DOOM for short. Cause Illinois needs more DOOM

Ralph M. Palmer

You da man. !!!


I can’t believe we are talking about this, when we need to be discussing mandatory elevator operators


I remember those operators as a small kid at Wieboldt’s riding up and down and my parents and half the store looking for me. Ahh! The good old days. That’s when spanking was legal. Nowadays you could sue for abuse.

Glenn Hanson

Thanks to our new governor with all he knows how to do is tax us to death. That will rase gas prices even more. The ones that do not have boarders available to get gas out of state are suffering enough now.

Glenn Hanson

They are completely out of there minds that will cost us more for gas in Illinois and already cost to much with our new governor raking us over hot coals.

Ellen Benson

I think New Jersey has such a law. So the owner of the station has to hire people for 3 8 hour shifts every day if they are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. What’s the minimum wage in IL? Absurd? Will the workers be unionized ?

Bill Subka

I’m sure they will become unionized and get paid somewhere north of $13.00 bucks an hour but south of $20.00 bucks an hour! Plus shift premium for afternoon and midnights! Hmmmm, if it passes maybe someone will invent a robotic gas filling kiosk?!?

Illinois Entrepreneur

All of you ask “why?” Well, because Illinois voted democrats into the governorship and super majorities in both houses.

Rauner was the only thing holding this nonsense back. And yet Illinoisans rejected him because they do not have critical thinking skills to examine the nonsense spewing out of democrats’ mouths about him.

In the next election, democrats will be re-elected, and they know this. They couldn’t care less what you think of them, because they know that the public employee unions get their vote out, and that’s all that matters.

We get the government we deserve.


“And yet Illinoisans rejected him because they do not have critical thinking skills to examine the nonsense spewing out of democrats’ mouths about him.” I don’t think they even paid attention. It was purely “millionaire capitalist bad; inherited wealth billionaire good only if Democrat.” “We get the government we deserve.” 45% of the state as a whole (and much, much greater in areas further west and south) pick the (R) party, but they are burdened by the fools in Cook County who hate the Orange Man. We don’t deserve this government. The losers living off the dole in Chicago aren’t… Read more »

Ralph M. Palmer

Perfect description of how Down State Illinois Feels about Chicagoland. Secession is the answer my friends.


Democrats typically lose about 90% of all Illinois counties. There are 102 in Illinois, Pritzger won 10. Pat Quinn a few elections ago lost 99 counties yet was installed as governor. Hillary Clinton won 12, she got the electoral votes. Cook County votes 90+% for Democrats. Now the problems of Illinois are whose fault?


IL politics are so thoroughly dominated by one major metro area to the detriment of the rest of the state. There really isn’t any other state like it. Even New York, with the NYC metropolis, has got major, but smaller, metro areas all throughout the state . And even some of the areas in NYC vote Republican – Staten Island, and the Hamptons, and other large pockets on long island are conservative. Chicago has a handful of small metro areas with a few hundred thousand people, and losing more and more every day. The only way to change this would… Read more »

The Truth Hurts

In 2018 Democrats received about 72% of the vote for the governors race in Cook county. In 2014 they received under 65% of the vote. Republicans don’t need to win Cook county but they need to have a better showing. If it ever gets to the 90% you stated then the rest of the state is in real trouble. FYI, Pritzker won 16 out of the 102 counties. The population of those counties makes up over 75% of the Illinois population. His message of legalized marijuana and suburban woman turning on Republicans caused his landslide win. The real question is… Read more »


“His message of legalized marijuana and suburban woman turning on Republicans caused his landslide win.” As per my previous post on another thread, it wasn’t suburban women turning on Republicans. That’s a myth – it’s not as if some life long Republican women said “yeah, I wasn’t before, but now I’m for infanticide and reparations and legalized dope because Orange Man Bad.” Those native women are still Republicans, always have and always will be. The left leaning suburban harpies as I call them have always been politically active, and they’ve always voted progressively liberal. They always have and always will.… Read more »

Manfred Downstate

What appears to be missing is any sort of rationale for State Rep. Lilly’s bill. In Oregon, where a self-service gas ban goes back to 1951, there are rationales galore: yes, it creates jobs (9,800 Oregonian attendants), it’s environmentally sound (amateur gas pumpers are likely to spill more gas), and the opportunity for a pleasant, high-touch interaction with your gas attendant. And don’t forget “economic justice”: Oregon feels that “The typical practice of charging significantly higher prices for full-service fuel dispensing in states where self-service is permitted at retail . . . discriminates against customers with lower incomes, who are… Read more »


Creating mindless, low-paying jobs that add no value isn’t good for the economy nor for the people holding those jobs.

I’m sure y’all want to be like New Jersey and Oregon. Jeez.

I have gassed up once in New Jersey, ever. Because of inclement weather and a huge traffic backup. I deliberately never gas up there bc of their ridiculous law.

Sid Sigerson

YES JB, let’s TAX THE POOR MORE – we can use that extra tax to help them. Sound familiar – smoke if you can stand the long cannabis line JB….


Another thought. Will all these “Attendants” be union? Think of it. 5 or 6 people standing around your vehicle and only one is pumping gas!


She is from Oak Park. Nuff said. All that education and still brainless.

Barbara Costas

multiple degrees in Indoctrination

Ralph M. Palmer

Basically I have a Sixth Grade Education from the Oak Park School System. Thankfully
that’s all the Damage Oak Park inflicted on my critical thinking.

Tom Paine's Ghost

If passed, this bill will lead to the greatest destruction of the Illinois Democrat machine in history. Of course, King Mike Madigan is no fool despite being one of the most evil humans in human history and he will table this bill into IL house oblivion. The good news is that it showcases Ms Lilly as an absolute moron.

Bob Out of Here

Madigan’s not human. He’s an evil leprechaun.

joe blow

seems like everyone in Oak Park is a moron these days, trying to out-leftist each other

Joe Blow

this is how liberals create jobs


“[Lilly] graduated from Oak Park-River Forest High School; bachelor’s degree in management from Drake University; master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Oklahoma University; Executive MBA studies, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management” – from the IL house dems website

All that education and learning, and now she’s in Springfield. What a waste of an education. And they call us the deplorables.

I doubt she received an education in critical thinking, more likely a progressive indoctrination at those institutions.


As I said before in as many words, you don’t need that much of or quality of education to be a pol. Also, with some exceptions, getting college degrees is more a function of persistence than intelligence. That’s partly why it’s unwise to start someone at a higher salary just because of an advanced degree. You should first prove through your job performance that you’re better than your coworkers without advanced degrees; then, we’ll increase your salary.