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Bigger red flag—how long has rahm, who makes big claims about saving city finances bin lying to us. First it $500 mil, then $700mil, now lighfoot says thats all a sham. Nobody in press is calling him out


No article just a url and that doesn’t work.


Lightfoot is wanting help from Springfield??? Get a clue, honey. Come to Read the articles. They are in as bad a shape, or worse, than we are. Help from Springfield ain’t gonna happen, nor from Wash DC, either.


I encourage you to pay close attention to Lightfoot’s words. Listen very closely to the way she talks, to the things she says. ““I know that number has been put out by the current administration, but it’s not $700 million. It’s worse than that. I’m not sure why they choose to put that number out because it’s not accurate,” Lightfoot said.” This is not her first comment of this nature. What is glaringly obvious is that she is not a politician talking. She is talking a like a court appointed receiver. She’s telling the truth. She’s taken over the finances… Read more »

Mark M

I mentioned the day after her election that it was a very inopportune time to be a socialist because there is no money. My guess is that the productive class is at or near its tax saturation point, although the city no doubt will continue to raise taxes. So that leaves even more borrowing, which is what Lightfoot as a corporate lawyer fears because she knows the one sided and burdensome nature of those future loan instruments. She knows she may be the one to be in office when lenders no longer will participate, the real day of reckoning irrespective… Read more »