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Are “Daley Days” still in effect? The rules have varied over the years, but typically firefighters work 4 days, then got their 5th scheduled working day off, giving them 5 days off in a row every few weeks. Or they were given a paid day off for every five days they worked. Or 5 days off every 13 days. Which means you have to hire more firefighters to cover for all those additional off days, who in turn get those days off, and so on…

A. E. Neuman

We’re approaching an anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire (October 8-10, 1871) — why not draw a line in the sand to “remember” and see where the hearts and minds of the Union reside? I forget if firefighters can strike but in Detroit on Devil’s Night (Oct 30) they often come down with the flu. Save the city vs save [increase] my pay and benefits ought not to be a hard question. Where’s Calvin Coolidge when we need him? No doubt the council and mayor will cave … not because of a lapse into integrity but rather to keep the… Read more »


I don’t think the fire dept will hold the city hostage. like the article said, fire calls are way down, it’s mostly paramedic calls these days. And that could be ultimately outsourced to private ambulance agencies down the road. If she was able to muster up the courage to do it. And she just might.


The reality is all kinds of services could be outsourced, many other citys do. Or at least put the services up for bid ,like the city did years ago with recycle pickup and show the tax payer what $ savings could be realized. But good luck politically trying to make that happen, all the attemps get discredited, i say sabotaged, attacked asap by gov unions w help of apologist press


What may help are all these behind closed door salary and benefits negotiations to be made public for at least 2 weeks before they vote and ratify the contracts. This should apply to most public sector employees. Fire/police/ and especially schools should be scrutinized by the public(taxpayers) and media. The media/mayors/city councils/governor/state politicians are never allowed in these meetings who all have a financial stake at the outcome. Meaning more $$$ out of our pockets.


Maybe not apporiate on anniversary of 911 but when rahm first got elected he made a half hearted attempt to rein in ot and cut all the ridiculous work contract provisions at cops, fire, streets & san and then folded . nothing changed. Maybe this is more of the same, a dog& pony show to make it look like lighfoot cares before another giant prop tax hike? Hope not.. also others have proposed simply closing 1/2 the fire house–because theres so few fires,,believe chicago still has one of highest # of firefighters per capita of any major city,,but if you… Read more »


how about the same in elected/appointed public parasites thru-out goober-ment?


Lightfoot is starting to look a lot like Rauner. There’s no stopping a machine of entrenched interests.