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Old Spartan
2 months ago

What a huge disappointment this mayor is turning out to be. She is starting to look like an angry, bitter stumble bum. Her first act in office was the creation of an “Equity Office” sticking three more bureaucrats on the payroll. That action, of course, addresses her own narrow self interest to show support for the LGBT community. But guess what, Mayor, LGBT issues aren’t the most pressing issues in the City these days. You aren’t doing anything about any of those. You haven’t done one thing to address the fiscal explosion just around the corner. By all accounts your… Read more »

2 months ago

lightfoot must spend her time on Twitter, where it’s become a national past-time for 10% of the country to spew their vitriol at Trump for all possible reason. The irony is that the TSA agents just control the gates, the city and its employees control the rest of the airport. O’Hare employees should have done a little passenger control management as they funneled passengers into the TSA screening checkpoints. But they didn’t. Because that’s the chicago way “my union says it’s not in *my* job description” so of course no one does it. And then lightfoot takes cheap shots at… Read more »