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“Illinois higher education in disarray; can it be saved?’

You know what it means when the headline contains a question….the answer is always ‘No’


Actually the answer is always more money. It took this article a few paragraphs to get to that, but eventually it walked into it.

J. A, Herzrent

The faculty and and administrations have fouled their own nests. In most cases it’s not a matter of technological displacement. Math and hard science may be worth preserving but as to the rest a slow death is basically assured. First the administrators fire everyone not tenured; then they fire those with least seniority. What’s left will be primarily high-paid and high-cost (health-wise) burnouts. Graduates with life-long loads of debt are beginning to realize that they are unemployable at compensation that will service their debt. (Perhaps they’ll be able to buy houses in Chicago.) Everybody including the professors and administrators could… Read more »