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13 days ago

Madigan, Burke, the Daleys and Rahm are untouchable. ☹️

Fed up neighbor
13 days ago
Reply to  Eddie

From the feds but not citizens!

13 days ago

They always won elections. ☹️

14 days ago

He did nothing wrong.. Just got people jobs. Nothing else has been proven. He will walk away scott free. All he needs to do is drag this out to 12:01 PM on January 20th when Biden ascends to his righfull place as prez. The FBI probe will magially stop once Biden takes office. Don’t worry, Pritzker, Durbin and Madigan will again be BFFs.

Ex Illini
14 days ago

One of the most despised politicians of his time. He played a key role in destroying the state. No mercy.

14 days ago

He needs to be locked up!

14 days ago

Its illegal when its a quid pro quo ie something for something…fry mad madigan

Last edited 14 days ago by Stevet
14 days ago

Deny deny and delay. Madigan will die of old age before anything gets accomplished. The question is though…why did prosecutors wait so long?

15 days ago

I guess a jury will decide if Madigan’s claim of innocence holds water. My goodness, who knows what may be made public in a trial!