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Old Spartan
10 days ago

No question he has fully signed on to the inner City, union and minority agenda that has destroyed this state. But don’t count him out yet on the criminal investigation. He is probably the smartest politician in the US over the last 50-75 years. (Maybe Bill Clinton is the exception. hard to think of anyone else who might be.) Look how he has maintained his power over the dramatic changes in the demographics of Illinois since the 1970’s. Without a doubt the most careful and singularly focused public official ever to serve in Illinois.

11 days ago

How much of madigans $25 mil is donated from our under compensated/ zero layoff/ zero risk public sec union heros union dues?

Fed up neighbor
12 days ago

There all afraid to lose the weasel, once he is gone which I hope is soon gigs over and these union thugs know it. Bye bye you’re plush lives will be over, Madigan is gonna need all of it for his legal bills hey mates

Last edited 12 days ago by Fed up neighbor
10 days ago

There will be another slug sliding in to try and take his place. Unions are probably grooming already.