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Richard Broberg
5 days ago

Since all the gang violence has been suppressed, he has to crack down somewhere.

Dallas has a fascist mayor and judge also, but we have a good governor.

5 days ago

Pritzker want to criminalize those that want to earn a living to feed their families. He lets criminals out of jail who have no goal. Pritzker still gets paid and is able to feed his family.

5 days ago
Reply to  anonymous

Paid? Hah. He is living off of that which he inherited. There is no justice or morality in the government of Illinois. The flaw in our state democracy is the voters disregard for the power of their vote and the value it can provide. The people for whom they vote understand that “public servants” doesn’t describe them, the elected, it describes US, the serfs.

5 days ago

And he hates the orange man so bad, JB will burn the state down just to show Trump what a bad man he is.