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“Pension reform” what the neck does that mean? They all say it, but it has no meaning. It’s a conversation ender that lets them walk awaY as though they know what they are talking about. We need leadership that starts conversation. Call it “Pension cuts”, “pension bankruptcy”, etc. when you are out of money that measure becomes true pension reform.


I’ve had numerous people ‘in the know’ in Illinois tell me that, in general, our state legislators are all dumber than a box of rocks. The job is essentially a part-time job that doesn’t pay all that well, and they have to spend a lot time in Springfield away from their families (the most boring city in the state). So really, the only people who want the job are those who aren’t very good at doing much else, and generally are of below intelligence – b/c if they had the intelligence, they would get a real job that actually paid… Read more »


Besides, if math scores improved, you’d have more kids realizing how flawed the math that drives the state racket is. Can’t have that.


No article linked?? But listed to wgn-mcqueere pension round table and h steans was one of guests (at least shes willing to debate), and if shes spokesperson for dem machine, its clear they have no plan for pensions ,not even on the radar.