Few things are more rewarding, as you who run small businesses know, than clicking the payroll software at the end of the month to pay employees and contractors.

And few things are more painful than issuing layoff notices.

We feel fortunate that it’s the former for us. We are in good shape and going strong thanks to your contributions since last year when we became tax-exempt.

In fact, because we’ve been meeting our fundraising goals, we are proceeding with expansion as planned. We’ve de-prioritized fundraising a bit for now for because we know these are such difficult times for most of you, and you with cash to spare are no doubt busy licking your wounds and reassessing your position.

For those still able, however, we certainly welcome your help and contributions can be made by clicking here.

Our page view numbers and readership have blown through the roof. Those numbers have always been growing rapidly, but the past few months have been exceptional. Special thanks to the many publishers who now reprint our original columns and cite our research.


What we hear most often is that you read things here that you don’t see elsewhere, you like that we include all sides and, most importantly, that our commentary is based on facts, research and data. We intend to keep it that way.

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Like and follow our Wirepoints Facebook page. And if you are willing, ask your friends to like us on Facebook. It’s been a key way to get our research out.

We welcome requests from reporters, editorialists, activists, candidates and officeholders from all parties to see our research and hear our perspective.

Special thanks to our commenters for providing substantive, smart discussion, kept reasonably polite.

Suggestions, complaints and questions are always welcome at admin@wirepoints.org.

Stay healthy and remember that ancient proverb: This too shall pass.

-Mark Glennon, founder and Ted Dabrowski, President

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Val W. Zimnicki
7 months ago

You are a great alternative to the main scheme media.

7 months ago

Of course you’re doing ok, I mean, it’s not like your run by Illinois government or anything. Mark and Glenn aren’t going around threatening people that they must fund wirepoints, and if they don’t, things are gonna get friggin ugly (taxation). They aren’t hiring 25,000 people to run wirepoints and creating departments like a punctuation division of standards and borrowing every line of credit available and maxed to the limit.

7 months ago

You are now the leading watchdog on the establishment politicos. There is certainly no Republican or other party challenging them. Keep up the good work. I tell everyone I know that they can’t really know what is going on in this crazy state unless they are reading you every day.

7 months ago

What your team does is not easy. It’s easy for a site to just state a view. But it’s real hard for a site to derive their view from actual data, then state the view. The the view of the latter will collapse under analysis and become propaganda, but a view based on data is solid and truthful.

Illinois Entrepreneur
7 months ago

In an era where journalism is beset by the “partisan rage” business model, it is refreshing and reassuring to have one solid source of objectivity, occasionally sprinkled with some down-to-earth editorializing.

You guys do it right, so thanks for that, and keep pressing on.

7 months ago

Thank you for your courage and commitment. Stay strong and give ’em hell! The iron is red hot!

Mike Williams
7 months ago

Congratulations on your success.

George Weber
7 months ago

Keep up the good work