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3 days ago

…”Arwady said people need to make decisions based on their own health and the health of those with whom they come into regular contact. If a person does go home to a immunocompromised partner or parent every night, they would need to weigh their options because the virus is still among us, Arwady said.”

Precisely! Let us make our own decisions! It is a free country!!!

4 days ago

Can someone in the media please fact check Lori when she says we don’t want to reopen too early like Florida and Georgia and then face a resurgence of cases? Those states actually have seen decreasing positive test percentages and hospitalizations. And what does Chicago gain by waiting another week or two to reopen? And can someone force her to show her work instead of saying the “science and data show”?

3 days ago
Reply to  Matt

no need to fact check. MSM lies that Florida & Georgia has a resurgence of cases. They have NOT. Anyway, don’t bother with Fact checker websites, they are all Communist/Democrats.

True Believer
3 days ago
Reply to  Lana

We need to expose Lori for what she is, she is a hater of white people. And Pritzker listens to the West Side Witch Doctor who got everything in-her life by affirmative action.