“‘There’s something happening here,’ to quote a line from an old sixties protest song. People are waking up. Overwhelmingly people are indignant about this emergency rule. People are starting to understand the danger of the precedent that would be set here if indefinite powers, like Gov. Pritzker claims he has, are allowed to stand.”

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4 days ago

Great discussion Mark, with Cortes ! Did he grow up in PF too ?

4 days ago

I just started following Wirepoints recently and there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of and that is that it was the driving force behind the movement that forced J. Beluga to copulate… eh… hmmm… excuse me, I think that I meant to say capitulate.

4 days ago


Old Spartan
4 days ago

Good work, Wirepoints. Looks like the Gov is finally showing a little common sense today. You and others who stepped up and regularly pointed out the inconsistencies and randomness of these rules finally got some attention.

Kevin McNulty
5 days ago

You bet

5 days ago

It’s obvious that neither our mayor or governor are religious. At all.

Regardless, it’s an infringement of our constitutional rights. It’s a choice parishioners are making to go. Even if someone tests positives, our hospitals are not going to be overwhelmed. There is space. If that positive even warranted hospitalization.

The gov and mayor both lied about the original construct of the shelter in place and when it would end.

5 days ago

Last I checked it was around 1 in 5 households, with the current buying frenzy it might be 1 in 4.
If the governor doesn’t know why Hitler stayed our of Switzerland he needs to brush up on his history.

Bob Out of Here
5 days ago

The only item on the agenda for the abbreviated legislative session will be to remove the 30 day limit on the duration of his declaration of emergency. After that passes they will move to adjourn.

5 days ago

It’s evident that more citizens will be adversely, and severely affected by Gov. Pritzker than would ever be by Coronavirus. Illinoi’s longstanding woes remain in-place. And new ones added under this Governor.

5 days ago

Crony Socialism is the most troubling aspect. Selective enforcement of the law, favoring friends of the regime. If certain church’s neighborhoods are targeted with special new parking restrictions, then ALL parking near houses of worship should be so restricted. If businesses cannot be trusted to establish best practices for serving customers safely, ALL businesses should be shut down. If citizens need to be kept safe with extraordinary powers granted one individual’s discretion, then ALL citizens should be kept safe. There is no logical justification for arbitrary classification of who econoically lives or dies: unrestricted liquor stores, landscaping services, departments at… Read more »