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4 days ago

It is called steal every forthcoming election.

I'm not a Senator's Son
5 days ago

There will never be another fair and free election in America. Not now.

5 days ago

I don’t support this bill at all but I have an alternative take on this. At least the state legislature is formally addressing it as it should and not an unelected state bureaucracy unilaterally as seen in other states (WI, MI, PA). I truly hope those state legislatures strengthen their election protocols to ensure what we witnessed in 2020 never happens again.

Last edited 5 days ago by ConcernedExpat
5 days ago

HB 1973 proposes only demoncrats be allowed to vote. Its expected to pass in the Illinois legislature

5 days ago

Anyone who is not a dem might as well end all hope in IL that they have remaining in this state.