Ted was on WTAD with Quaid earlier this week talking about Gov. Pritzker’s idea to transfer public assets, like the lottery or the tollways, into the state’s pension funds.

Lawmakers are desperate to make the pension crisis go away, so they’ve come up with a new plan that’s little more than a financial trick on taxpayers. Moving public assets to pensions is like moving money from one pocket to the other. The state will be no better off, but taxpayers will be harmed because politicians are once again delaying real reform to pursue a fake “fix” to the pension crisis, Ted said.

Listen to Quaid and the WTAD News Round Table interview here.

Read more details on Pritzker’s planned pension “fixes:”

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Richard Broberg
1 year ago

Selling bonds and assets to pay for current expenses. What could possibly go wrong?

Just ask N.Y. City in the 70s.

1 year ago

The assets like Midway-Tollway-etc will be transferred to the unions and the balance sheet or funding ratio will look better for a short time and then the unions will drain every penny out of them and then SELL back whatever assets they don’t want with a huge mark-up back to the State which is all funded by the taxpayers. This will be worse than the Thompson building fiasco. What a deal!!

Wally Konstanty
1 year ago

What happens when there are no more assets left to sell ?

1 year ago

Just like a crack whore going to the pawn shop.