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S and P 500

Watch the you-tube video “Officials ‘Stunned’ Following Parcel Tax Vote, CBS Los Angeles”. Garcetti isn’t doing a thing about pensions or medieval diseases in LA. Somebody asks Beutner is LAUSD going to run out of money in 2 years and he says we’ll worry about that when it happens.

Royal Akkadian

Tolstoy’s farm parable ‘I see mankind as a herd of cattle inside a fenced enclosure. Outside the fence are green pastures and plenty for the cattle to eat, while inside the fence there is not quite grass enough for the cattle. Consequently, the cattle are tramping underfoot what little grass there is and goring each other to death in their struggle for existence. I saw the owner of the herd come to them, and when he saw their pitiful condition he was filled with compassion for them and thought of all he could do to improve their condition. So he… Read more »

S and P 500

Voters in LAUSD finally did the right thing, rejecting Measure EE by a landslide. It needed a 2/3 majority, and it got just 40%. And this was coming after the successful LAUSD teachers’ strike.


Fantastic!! And once again the big mystery– why does the mainsjtream press continue to stick by reporting only the fake gov cash accounting figues? Even while mendoza still hasnt realeast 2018-17 cafr