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1 year ago

Sexual harrassment is despicable. But this is yet another giant burden on employers, even gig empolyers,,although im sure it will be 90% ill gov workers filing suit’s on the tax payers dime with nobody getting fired..and most importantly, what a great state to be a lawyer!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  NB-Chicago

I’ve been working for decades, all of my adult life, and as a teenager too – and the only incident of sexual harassment I’ve ever witnessed in all those years was committed union officials at an offsite party during work hours. They were pigs! Totally awful! They were drinking, groping women, making rude comments! I’ve never seen any sexual harassment in my corporate world. I’m not willfully blind to it either – it’s just not as big a problem in ‘the real world’ as it is in the Democrat dominated #metoo fields like media, movies, journalism. There’s no sexual harassment… Read more »