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Governor of Alderaan
9 months ago

First Jabba says get rid of single use bags and get reusable bags. Now he says get rid of reusable bags and use single use bags. Will this bungling fool make up his mind? His incompetence would be amusing if it wasn’t getting people killed. He completely ignored complaints about how dirty reusable bags get and it’s costing lives!

Mike M
9 months ago

So we have this war against plastic grocery bags and we now find out that reusable bags may be more harmful in this pandemic than plastic bags. When will politicians stop micro-managing everything we do?

9 months ago
Reply to  Mike M

Fat slob can use the reusable bags.

“The union also wants Chicago to suspend its tax on plastic bags, but a spokesman for Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city would only delay the time that retailers have to pay the tax.”

So wait a minute, Chicago now prohibits shoppers from using their own bags, and now forces them to pay the 7 cents a bag tax. How freaking regressive of a tax can you get. Pathetic, Lori, you are truly, truly pathetic, authoritarian scum.