Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) isn’t among our favorite lawmakers who we would quote, but she sure put it nicely on Thursday: “Not knowing is foundational and fundamental to the entire design of the organization.”

She was referring to House Speaker Michael Madigan’s denial of any knowledge of the rape and ghost payrolling referenced in the email found by WBEZ written by a top Madigan ally praising a state worker who “kept his mouth shut” about those things. And the organization she was referring to is her own – Madigan’s – who not only runs the House but chairs the Illinois Democratic Party.

There’s probably not a person in Illinois who follows its government and doesn’t already know what Cassidy said, but it’s sure nice to hear a Chicago Democrat say it. If Madigan doesn’t know all about wrongdoing in Illinois it’s thanks only to an organization rigged for willful ignorance and plausible deniability.

But Governor JB Pritzker is apparently willing to pretend otherwise. An angry reporter pressed him repeatedly on Thursday why he hasn’t talked to Madigan to get to the bottom of things: “You as governor, don’t you call up [Madigan] and say what the heck is going on here? Wouldn’t you go to Madigan and say tell me, explain this? You see the email and you don’t call him and say what is this about?”

Pritzker explaining why he hasn’t spoken to Madigan about the email

No, Pritzker answered that he saw Madigan’s denial of any knowledge, and that was apparently enough, saying he would leave it to the inspector general. “It’s not [Madigan’s] email, Pritzker said.” Watch the whole, sorry performance by Pritzker here from NBC Chicago.

Quotes we’re not printing are from the state’s top legal officer, Attorney General Kwame Raoul – because there aren’t any. We haven’t heard a peep from him on the scandal.

The quote we should be hearing from everybody is short: “Resign.” It’s decades overdue for Madigan to go.

UPDATE 1/10/20: Departing Senate President John Cullerton says, “I have no reason to believe that Mike Madigan has done anything wrong.”

-Mark Glennon

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Now you may understand the absurd reality of the Democratic party


Does anyone remember the 1972 movie “The Thing with Two Heads” Check out the trailer. This photo reminds me of that. I’m almost embarrassed I saw the movie. This movie could never be made today. With everything so serious now I needed a laugh.


I don’t know who would make a better caricature; Alfred E Neumann or Cartman


I hope the whole democrat snake den ends up in prison.


The prisons already cost us too much. I say, kick them out of the country (to where, I don’t much care) and put a price on their heads, dead or alive, if they return. Let them stew in some other cesspool of their own making.

Bob Out of here

Love the away in the NBC video he has to have a black person in the background. She is there just to make him appear politically correct. Like Lieutenant Governor Stratton, never let them actually make decisions for their voting bloc.


Careful! You’re not allowed to notice a whole host of things. Better you go back to watching Prime Time TV, where every doctor, every top scientist, every judge or wealthy business owner is black. It’s not like anyone is trying to brainwash us or anything….


Meanwhile the gov unions are donating $100s of thousands in dues to Friends of Madigan Fund to fight off all his & his pals legal/ sexual harasment troubles and keep the gravey train runnen. But if your a individual gov union member you can still live in your fantacy world, pretending your ethnically pure, or at worst a sjw ctu type. How do you look yourself in the mirror?

Big Lou

I am a government worker and if you call 42k a year living in a fantacy world, well ok i guess.

Charlotte Aines

Depends on your responsibilities and number of hours/days you work. Also, it’s “fantasy”, so that could have something to do with how much you make.


Lou–would you be comfortable having your hard eared union dues going to Friends of Madigan?

Illinois Entrepreneur

They say nothing because they have enough voters who will absolutely always vote for them — basically public union employees, SJW Millennials and immigrants. That group is by far the majority in Illinois, and they will vote Democrat regardless of ethics, performance, scandals or non-performance.

Why say anything when you know that this too, will pass? They are not going anywhere.


“and they will vote Democrat regardless of ethics, performance, scandals or non-performance.” And there is one, and only one, reason why they continue to tolerate this behavior. Voters know that the Democrats they elect are corrupt, and they will cheat, lie, steal and generally drive the state into insolvency? But why do they still vote democrat anyway? Abortion. The right for someone, somewhere, in the state, toto vacuum their baby out of the womb at any time before it’s 51% out of the birth canal literally Trumps everything else. These people would rather burn down the state than vote pro-life… Read more »


“How awful can [a] people be?” Who celebrates homosexuality? Oh, it’s a choice, right? Sexual deviancy is DEVIANCY, a form of self-destruction, and closely related to the pro-death/anti-life dogma of the Abortion Cult. A society that sees new, developing life as a burden, an inconvenience, something to be avoided and destroyed if sexual hedonism results in conception, is a society that is in every way parallel to Biblical tales inviting God’s Wrath. In a less religious context, societies that exhibit pro-death, pro-hedonist, anything-goes morality have shown up throughout human history, and all have led directly and predictably to devastation and… Read more »


WHAT is UP with Pritzger? That photo shows his shoulders at about the level of his hard palate (above the upper lip.) Is that even human? A specimen of Homo sapiens doesn’t generally look like that. I can only guess that George Lukas knew him prior to Return of the Jedi.


Check out Big Trouble in Little China “Bloating Head”

Bob Out of Here

“Jabba the Governor” Pritzger.


when JB says the matterer has been turned over to the states internal watchdog… Why do I get the feeling he’s begun a cover-up? States watchdog my ass, you bet the wheels are in motion right now to make sure everyone has their stories in alignment. Because. In Illinois that’s what the states watchdog does.

Tom Paine's Ghost

I fully expect that the superhero justice-loving crime-fighter Illinois Attorney General Kwamie Raoul is all over this. I’m expecting indictments by the end of next week. GO Kwamuie GO!!! Sic ’em!!!

Tom Paine's Ghost

Gosh, its been nearly a week, I can’t wait to see the criminal indictments that superhero crime-fighter Kwaumie Rauol most certainly has pending!! I’m electric with anticipation. Finally, the hardworking taxpayers of Illinois will see some justice being served. GO Kaowumie GO!!

Mark S Thoman

Interesting twist If this becomes the email that takes them all down … we all knew they were corrupt, and some goof actually puts it in writing. I can’t wait for the next shoe to drop.


I still don’t think it will matter until the ability to borrow is choked (to death) by a recognition of Illinois’ governments’ inability to spend only what taxpayers can (or will) pay. We wait…until Moody’s has no choice but to move IL bond rating to junk, triggering a mass sale (because pensions can’t hold junk bonds, they’ll have to divest.)


On Jan 28, come to the University Club of Chicago for a panel discussion on pensions. One member of the panel is one of the largest muni bond traders in the US. Another is Ted D. Need to be a member, or be a guest of a member.

Bob Out of Here

Really hoping this will be recorded for the public to watch. Ted will rip this guy apart with the reality of numbers.


I wish Ted would record it and post a transcript.


I sincerely wish I could attend. For over 20 years I’ve danced my Chicken Little Dance, waiting for the sky to fall, and fall it HAS NOT. For all practical purposes I look like a complete moron…yet I cannot change my mind. As I see it, I metaphorically live in Pompeii, I cannot leave (IL is worst, but the entire USA is a huge, 300 year old oak tree, soaring in majesty yet utterly hollow and rotten inside) and for 20 years the ground has shaken and the shadow of the mountain lengthened, its top belching smoke. Will the pyroclastic… Read more »


Madigan resign? That’s a laugh. Anyone else might but not Madigan. This should be apparent to everyone by now. I often wonder if Madigan is not rational in his thinking these days. Why would he stay on causing so much misery for his fellow Illinois citizens unless he is concerned that upon leaving a lot of skeletons in his closet would be unearthed. Perhaps he feels that as long as he stays in office he can keep those said skeletons hidden and, when he dies they will be brought in the open but he will not be here to face… Read more »


Al Capone didn’t “resign” even as syphilis ravaged his brain. Madigan will be carried our office in a body bag, probably when his rotten heart finally lets go of Satan’s hand.

Bob Out of Here

That’s not going to happen, because he doesn’t have a heart.


There’s an entire subgroup of people out there who think that our “elite” is actually skin-suit wearing reptilians. I kid you not.
Then again, when I look at Pritzger, I strain to see how on Earth that’s a human being in that fatsuit.


Resign indeed!

Read how Madigroin says NO to any investigation.

Only a guilty person would do such a thing.

Such incredibly bad optics.


To be fair, Trump has had much worse than this and Republicans didn’t care at all about it. I am not defending any wrong doing, but lets not pretend that Republicans are not looking the other way when one of their own does much much worse.

Trump was never in politics until he became president. He’s also the first president/politician that has become poorer while in office. So what are you talking about!


Les, you might want to ease up on the weed. It may be legal, but…. (Joking aside, the only folks who think Trump is even half as bad as his predecessors get all their thoughts from CNN and MSNBC.) I’m fond of no POTUS in part because no one can properly govern a country the size of the USA. There aren’t 330,000,000 on Earth who all want to live under the same system at the same time. We should all go our own ways and divorce amicably, or else the divorce will be anything but. When it comes to politics… Read more »


Yes! Separate us! Then the red states can invade the blue states (because Red states have all the guns), put them under occupation, make it a protectorate, deny them the right to vote, tax the crap out of them, and enjoy all the spoils. They have no guns, and their citizens are mostly foreigners who owe no loyal to the united states anyways. It would be a three day war. Silicon valley would fall quickly. They’re a bunch of geeky wimp panzies and there are no guns there. Google would quickly understand that they now have to send 1/3rd of… Read more »


Perhaps you’re right, but as I see it, the kind of cultural/moral divide in place today is anything but benign. The people largely running the permanent government (the bureaucracy) are leftists every bit as rabid as was Lenin. The reason we HAVE a problem is that the states are unable to run their own show. The 17th amendment rendered them utterly powerless before the central government, which is why TDS exists, whoever gets CONgress and the POTUS is almost omnipotent now (not in real terms, but they’ll try.) The differences of perspective today are at least as profound as those… Read more »


JB is not in Springfield to be governor. Rather, he is a rich guy who is in Springfield playing governor. Madigan tells him what to do, not the converse.


JB is smart. Won’t buck his boss.


Someone’s gotta be Fredo. J.B. wants the part.


That email is easy to defend:as sarcastic humor, irony. To bolster that defense, he can present his other emails exhibiting a tendency toward sarcasm and ironic expression. Rape often goes goes unreported. But ghost payrollers should be easier to catch. I may be wrong but I do not think the lucky recipients of no-show jobs spend their days at home studying Torah. If there were a citizen task force staking out OTBs and Elgin riverboat, we might obtain some photographic evidence to contradict FOIA’ed timesheets, and affected taxpayers could press a civil suit against that bad actor. If you can’t… Read more »


Loved your comment, Susan! Give us more now that Wirepoints allows comments!


I like logical analysis of problems.
Logical analysis involves pathways leading to alternative outcomes.
Alternative outcomes in Illinois seem to require novel tactics, as evidenced by current conditions.


Who among us citizens is invested enough to do this? You? I aver that I’m not. Citizen/taxpayer/voter complacency is so large today as to be unmeasurable. There are incredibly deep and long-lived reasons for this. As I keep noting, not one thing will change as long as everyone (consumers, business managers, government apparatchiks, politicians, etc.) can spend like drunken sailors on short leave in a Bangkok bordello with a no-limit MasterCard. We owe it to ourselves, or so they keep telling us. I think this period of time will go down in history for the greatest mass delusion ever.


JB better get out in front of this garbage or he will be buried in it.


There are landfills that couldn’t bury him deep enough that he’d be covered entirely.