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Chase Gioberti
4 days ago

I’m already yearning for the glory days of Mike Madigan.

The car driving over the cliff just went into light speed.

The True Believer
4 days ago

So now an old crooked white guy has been replaced by a racist, wife beater loser who reports to the domestic terrorist blm Marxist organization and the incompetent black and Latino caucuses.

Old Spartan
4 days ago

In his statement he says”when you are oppressed for 400 Years -blah blah blah” I didn’t realize he was that old. Looks to me like he has had a pretty good and prosperous life

4 days ago

Illinois and Chicago voters- You get what you voted for!
Let the exodus continue.

3 days ago
Reply to  gg

If Illinois had an Electoral College, Illinois would be RED!

4 days ago

We all knew Madigan would retreat into the shadows.

Fed up neighbor
4 days ago

This individual I would say man but man he is not domestic battery, beats his girlfriends head on countertop etc, and the criminals in Springfield put this individual in as speaker of the house. Question we’re where the 19 woman in the caucus that said it’s time for a woman to lead Illinois were did you go ladies were did your votes go everything you stand for the me to movement this is utter bullshit when a individual like this gets put in a high priority position. THIS IS A TOTAL TRAVESTY TO THE PEOLE OF ILLINOIS god help us… Read more »

Tom Paine's Ghost
4 days ago

Wow. From Octogenarian Criminal to Wife beater. Well done Illinois Democrats. Somewhere the ghost of Abraham Lincoln is weeping.

Last edited 4 days ago by Tom Paine's Ghost
4 days ago

so #metoo is now officially over. I love the state of Illinois!

The Truth Hurts
4 days ago

I guess the “me too” movement is officially done in Illinois.

4 days ago

It’s never done for conservatives