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Here’s a selected overview of what happened. May 23, 2018 The Chicago Board of Education authorizes hiring the Schiff Hardin law firm. Motion 18-0523-AR2: “The General Counsel requests authority to retain the law firm Schiff Hardin LLP (1) to conduct a systemic review of the Board’s practices, policies, and procedures related to harassment of students, (2) to make recommendations on proactive measures CPS may take to improve protection of students against harassment and related injuries and procedures for expeditious and holistic responses by CPS to such incidents when they arise, and (3) to assist the Board in other legal matters… Read more »


Add social media and the internet to the list of how Maggie Hickey, on behalf of CPS (school district), could have attempted to reach Jesse Sharkey of CTU (teacher union), for the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct against Students in Chicago Public Schools report.

For example:

Jesse Sharkey Twitter –

Chicago Teacher Union Twitter –

CTU Facebook –

CTU website contact us form –


Mike, –you write “Or is it just too much effort to include the teacher union perspective and feedback in a report about sexual misconduct against students in CPS?”. If your a CTU member, what is CTU’s perspective or policy on sexual misconduct against students? Does CTU have a official written policy? if yes, you could post that policy? Also, wonder if Jardine Chao is still at CPS in charge of security & background checks–if yes that would be truly astounding? In any case, tax payers be prepared for $100 of millions in law suites a year which will make CPD… Read more »


Since she was not hearing back from President Jesse Sharkey, investigator Maggie Hickey could have attempted to contact the other CTU officers:

– Stacy Davis Gates, Vice President;

– Christel Williams-Hayes, Recording Secretary; and

– Maria T. Moreno, Financial Secretary.

And if that didn’t work, members of the CTU Executive Board.