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“The Task Force shall submit a final report to the Governor and the General Assembly outlining short-term and long-term administrative, electoral, and legislative changes needed to create short-term and long-term property tax relief for homeowners by December 31, 2019.” – Public Act 101-0181

Would it be too much to ask why it’s late and when we can expect it? We’ve seen no answers from anybody.

Is it because of the unwieldy size of the task force — over 80 members?

Is it because those members are mostly the same folks who created our crisis? You can see that list here.

Or maybe there’s a good explanation. It’s just that somebody should be offering one.

-Mark Glennon


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Poor Taxpayer

Fair to a government worker is 3 times what the Poor Taxpayer makes for only 1/2 the work.
There is no such thing as FAIR to a government employee. Once the tasted the blood of the taxpayer they never stop eating the flesh.

Poor Taxpayer

The number 1 reason for high taxes is the GREEDY government worker and the HUGE PENSIONS at young ages. Many of them move south to get away from Illinois. You have to be stupid to stay and take the beating that is coming fast. Run for you economic life.


Here’s the deal: Schools are the #1 driver of high property taxes. The #1 way to fix this – absent freezing our already extremely high spending on education – is to replace property tax dollars with state dollars. We all know this. You don’t need a task force to figure it out.

JB wants and needs every penny from the Fair Tax. He has no intention of exchanging state dollars for property tax dollars. He’s not interested in a zero-sum game with income and property taxes. He wants more, and more wont lower property taxes.


No way I’m exchanging my local property tax dollars for state tax dollars. Springfield will first take its skim and then find a way to redistribute to poorer, more Democratic voting areas for ‘equitable’ reasons, and devalue the only thing – the good local schools – that keep my home value stable. Those local tax dollars definitely create an unequal (not inequitable) situation where many suburban schools are top performers, and others are just truly awful, but the states that redistribute tax dollars to ensure equal and equitable funding, like Texas, aka the “Robin Hood” formula where expenditures are capped… Read more »

Tom Paine's Ghost

Youze wants us’s report? Shaddaup youze chumbolones, gets back to works ands hands overs youze tax dollars.


Has anyone suggested forcing teachers to participate in social security?
12.4% of every, for example, nurse’s salary is forced by law to be paid into social security right off the top (6,2% from nurse, 6.2% from employer).
There is a formula as to SS payouts.
By shifting a portion of teachers defined benefits in part to social security, there may be no “impairment ‘ of Constitutional guarantees?

Robert Fair

It would take a constitutional amendment to change any benefits to TRS and other pension benefits


My village newsletter came in the mail yesterday. On the front page it has the picture of a dollar bill and it’s cut into parts. it says “your town only gets $.08 of every $1.00 on your tax bill.” The county gets roughly the same, there’s the park district and library get a few pennies, but right in the middle of the picture of the dollar bill is outlined a BIG RED area that takes up $.73 of that dollar and in all capital letters is says “SCHOOLS” (being the elementary, high school and community college). Not sure if it’s… Read more »

Illinois Entrepreneur

I always like to read the personal experiences. That’s what gives this site a lot of value. I’m pretty sure it IS like this everywhere. At some point, it was decided that teachers and administrators would be paid ABOVE market for their skills and work. There are gym teachers in Illinois making $120,000 a year in retirement. I have NOTHING against people who chose teaching as a profession, but the compensation is completely out of whack with the rest of the labor market. Especially for administrators. Why are we paying principals 250K a year for work? Is that really commensurate… Read more »

Mike Williams

Debtsor, I also appreciate the personal insights/info that someone like yourself (still living in Illinois) can offer in the comments. I’m only an occasional Illinois visitor these days.


I am in District 71 for elementary and 219 for HS. 71 is a single school,district with Superintendant, Principals, etc etc. This should be consolidated. 219 is just a joke when it comes to salaries. Has to be one of the highest paid in the state. And they just keep spending. A piece of property came up for sale contiguous to 219 Niles West. It wasn’t budgeted so they just used the money from elsewhere in the budget to buy it. They didnt even know what they were going to use it for but just had to have it because… Read more »


No one should hold his or her breath for this report. Even in the very unlikely event that IL implements significant property tax relief recommendations from the report, IL will gouge the taxpayer elsewhere to recoup the lost revenue. It has to be that way because IL can’t afford to lose that amount of revenue. Therefore, the question is: what’s the point of having this Task Force?

Mike Williams

Answer is obvious. The task force is yet one more way for a group of people to justify getting a salary paid by tax dollars.

Governor of Alderaan

The point of the task force was to con Illinoisans into thinking there would be property tax relief so they’ll support the Blank Check Amendment


I agree with you and Mike. This is rubbing salt in the wounds of the IL taxpayer by having another valueless, bloated function being paid for by the taxpayer.

Fed up neighbor

Ya know what 40 or more proposals B.S end it now permanent property tax freeze across the board. The only way to increase taxes is by voter referendums. Maybe this will force spending to get under control. Enough with the task force


Real reason,


I gave my ideas to my local rep who is on the task force. Deadline was the 31st but there are many proposals at least 40 or more that have to be sifted thru. Will try to update when I know more on timeline.


Tax Farce.


I submitted detailed, source-cited TIF research and suggested TIF reforms to this commitee.

Governor of Alderaan

There’s a new tax on cricket chirps, so pay up


I would like to see, probably not possible, the amount in dollars the TIFs have one way or another drained the Schools and Pension funding.