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4 days ago

Why do Democrats hate women?

Fed up neighbor
4 days ago

This individual I would say man but man he is not domestic battery, beats his girlfriends head on countertop etc, and the criminals in Springfield put this individual in as speaker of the house. Question we’re where the 19 woman in the caucus that said it’s time for a woman to lead Illinois were did you go ladies were did your votes go everything you stand for is utter bullshit when a individual like this gets put in a high priority position. THIS IS A TOTAL TRAVESTY TO THE PEOLE OF ILLINOIS god help us and save us.

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5 days ago

Trending everywhere, its gotta be all black or nothing at all. There was a term used frivolously, “BRA, black run America” it’s the truth now.

The True Believer
5 days ago

Total Madigan control and cop hater who will pass legislation to give more freebies to the permanent victim class as dictated by the crooked black caucus and Latino cop haters.

5 days ago

I told you so.

The last few elections, his district sent him to Springfield unopposed, both primary and general.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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