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Fed up neighbor
13 days ago

And it’s suppose to be a brotherhood and sisterhood, and they turn on there own.

15 days ago

Protests or support of an agenda, political or social while in uniform is forbidden by department rules and regulations. Violations of said rule can end in reprimands or suspension. Former alderman Arena filed complaints against officers and fire department personnel for comments made on Facebook while not in uniform and not on duty. The retired blacks cops can protest anyway they want. Let’s see them protesting the murder, shootings and mayhem occurring daily in black neighborhoods. Crickets……..

15 days ago

Now the police department is collapsing from within over perceived racial issues. Get the heck out of Chicago while you can. Only the most naive and moronic progressives believe living in Chicago is a good idea. It’s like watching a hurricane of crime barrel down upon the City and saying, “yeah, this won’t be too bad” as last night, even Logan Sq. had a dead 10 year old from stray bullets.