You knew this was coming. Trying to use the crisis to bail out Illinois and Chicago for years of fiscal madness. But watch the whole thing for the astonishing things some are trying to add to the pending aid bill.

At the 3:25 mark: “Oh, and don’t forget all of their cities, and all their states. Dick Durbin represents one of the most bankrupt states in America and the most bankrupt city, Chicago, in America behind those closed doors. They are demanding straight cash bailouts for states and cities that have been fiscally irresponsible for years…. We are willing to help those cities and states. They are overwhelmed by this pandemic. Yet we simply say they have to repay the money on the back end. That’s not what the Democrats are asking for behind those closed doors over there. They want straight cash payments.”

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2 TRILLION with the majority of it going to “pork” anyhow. I love how they imply all 2 trillion is going out in stimulus checks. And PLEASE, while I can’t stand Liberal Democrats, quit holding Republican politicians harmless. Those Neocons are also to blame. There are like half a dozen REAL CONSERVATIVES in the entire Republican party. The rest of them are up there smiling as they screw us all. It’s not just one side that is destroying this country with all the FEAR PORN and massive shutdowns. Instead of demanding their gibs-me-dats checks, everyone needs to DEMAND to return… Read more »

Time to vote Durbin out of office.
Please vote for Republican Mark Curran for United States Senate.

Mark is a fiscal conservative and Dick Durbin is a political spendthrift.

Easy Choice: Mark Curran🇺🇸 for United States Congress from Illinois.

Jump on board and share!


Dick Durban the man that equated our troops with Nazi Storm Troopers and to think, after his remarks, the Democrats and majority of Illinois support him.
Life in Illinois…lol


Illinois fiscal policy is not sustainable and no amount of water in the bucket will fix it as the bucket continues to leak. Extraordinary times …..agreed …….Give them money …. Okay …..but tie it to pension reform etc. …… UP FRONT!


Pelosi on pbs new hour, (1/2 an hour ago), talking about titanic $2 trillion stimulus package soon to pass senate is just first bailout (she calls current bill “mitigation”)–next bill (she calls “recovery”) will be to bail out for states and cities..(we’re in mmt land) wheres mine?
PBS NewsHour: Pelosi says relief bill will ‘put money in people’s pockets’. 


My God. Sick stuff from Pelosi. This is one of many examples:
Airlines must be carbon neutral by 2025. Really? Plug the battery into a nuclear reactor, get the battery to the airport and fly cross-country. First we have to build more nuclear reactors, which the Democrats oppose, then we need a battery to fly a plane cross-country. And they say WE are un-scientific?


Being so massively in debt compared to other states, we might actually be handed the power to really screw over, big time, a whole lot of responsible states? Wow will anybody tell them that, if they find out they’re gonna be pissed. As for Illinois on top of getting a windfall, pols here will use the virus as an excuse to raise taxes.

Danni Smith

Please, not one cent to Illinois or chiraq.. I am a lifelong Illinois citizen. We taxpayers have begged them for years to fix this. It was simple. No patronage jobs. No unions protecting bad emplo9yees. Don’t give automatic 3% increases to gub pensioners. Remove all those special benefits for the gubbers like pension spiking, like multiple pensions, like early retirement, like accumulating sick days to increase pension amounts. And the response has been crickets, or from Pritzker, the tax fraud, “No”. Please, not one penny for Illinois. and dick durbin is an enemy of the every tax paying citizen in… Read more »

Mike Salva

If you still live in Illinois think of yourself as a tax mule for the public sector unions!! I had enough and voted with my feet over 20 years ago and left Taxistan.

Mark Felt

Even with a two trillion dollar bailout, you can’t slice it into enough pieces to bail out a state like Illinois or a city like Chicago without screwing everyone else in the country. It would be like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.


Part of the problem with government spending generally is that almost without exception the human mind can’t distinguish one truly huge number from another. To the average person there isn’t a big difference in the government spending a trillion dollars rather than a billion. Do you think most congressmen really begin to seriously question the size of the defense budget? I don’t. I think they simply by and large want to get their approving vote done and go to lunch. The numbers are just too large to comprehend!


I like using seconds (time) to help explain the difference.
1 million seconds = 11.5 DAYS
1 billion seconds = 31.7 YEARS (or 11,571 days)
1 trillion seconds = 31,709 YEARS

So when we are talking about debt of IL, etc… this really helps some people understand the significance of millions, billion, trillion.

Carl Matson

All Democrats need to be voted out!!!

Danni Smith

most need to be hung


Sounds like a campaign speech. Can’t trust what any of these snakes say

Sounds like a great idea with a couple mandatory patches to the constitution.

Pension reform
No PUBLIC unions.
Fair Maps (districting)
Term Limits

Danni Smith

if those actions had been taken long ago a bailout would not have been even thoght about. Doesn’t durbin have some nerve? The hubris of this scum who thinks others should pay our debt!!!

Tom Paine's Ghost

Why should my elderly mother in Ohio, who has lived a hardworking and frugal life, have her hard earned tax dollars diverted to pay for the public sector union corruption of Illinois?


Well, the fact is that same argument applies over and over and over again from time to time. Are you familiar with Grafton, IL, for example? It’s a flood-prone area not far from St. Louis and almost like clockwork every few years the local news media goes ballistic with stories about the people live there facing expensive flooding damage. But, over and over again one way or another governments at various levels come to their aid. On the surface that sounds like the responsible and charitable thing to do, but in my lifetime I’d estimate something like roughly a dozen… Read more »


Cairo, Illinois: Flooding a few years ago—government destroyed levies along the Mississippi River—destroying thousands of acres of very valuable crop land. Then instead of moving Cairo off the bank of the Ohio—spent magabucks building new housing.


There ya go—a perfect example of government trying to help while ignoring the underlying problem which may well happen again. Govt. does that way too much, trying to appease the locals at the expense of citizens elsewhere. I wouldn’t complain if the underlying problem were fixed, but so many times it isn’t.


Can we assume the builder of those properties were well connected contractors?


I’d be willing to bet on it!

Mary Anne

Absolutely immoral. Other fiscally responsible states should not be made to bail out our long-time legislatively corrupt State of IL! I’m ashamed to even tell people where I live. We have a very long history of crooked politicians…so many jailbird governors.

Illinois Entrepreneur

Dogs are going to bark, babies are going to cry and grifters are going to grift. I’m of the feeling that the reason that Pritzker, Lightfoot et. al. are almost nonchalant about their continued “heroism” of extending quarantines and increasing “shelter-in-place” deadlines is because they are literally going for broke. I believe that they know that the only way to fix the fiscal problems of years past and years forward is to have a problem so bad here that it requires a massive federal bailout. If they can look like heroes for “saving lives” and “making hard decisions” for an… Read more »


That’s how Senator Durbin earned the name, “WHIP DICK DURBIN!”


I live in the socialist “utopia” known as Illinois and my opinion is don’t give them a dime they don’t have to pay back, and monitor what it will be spent on. The revenue collected by this state is never accounted for. Tolls, taxes, and fees of every kind and no one in Illinois government will own up to what it has been spent on. Poof, it’s gone!


It’s true, our government has not has an operating budget for years… and they don’t want one, because they don’t want to stop spending, so they Tax us to death over the stupidest , tiniest shit ever

michael marek

can’t blame Dick …were broke and he’s hoping to draw one card to make his inside straight

Danni Smith

seriously? can’t blame dick??? he is exactly responsible.


Libertarians know about this. With liberty also comes responsibility and with individuals, companies and governments, it creates a moral hazard to reward bad behavior. Illinois made its bed and now it should be made to lay in it. Bailing out the state will show other states/government that they can act recklessly in the future.

I encourage citizens of the other well run states to contact their elected officials and demand NO BAILOUT for Illinois or chicago.


There’s no bailout.


Well there’s supposed to be $150bil going to the states. “Schumer expressed confidence that Democrats had secured $150 billion for state and local governments” but it’s kind of light on the details…as usual. What is it for? How will they disburse, via squeaky wheel or pick of the litter? Are there any checks & balances to go along with this gift?


Mark or Ted, if IL received billions of dollars from the feds to combat the coronavirus, could IL redirect the money to pay pensions and health care benefits?

S and P 500

Good question. In 2012 Prop. 30 was supposed to fund education in Calif. but it went to teachers’ pensions. Recently taxpayers have gotten wise and rejected Measure EE and Prop 13 for schools in LA.

mqyl, that’s a question we’ve been asking some federal lawmakers and something we oppose. But the way money could flow from Washington during the crisis, it could easily be given with no strings attached. We are making our case that the feds should not bail out Illinois’ failed pensions. That wouldn’t be fair to all those states that have passed reforms, cleaned up their finances and built rainy day funds. But If aid for states does materialize, it must come with pension-reform strings attached.

Danni Smith

thank you Ted Dabrowski. We knew this day was coming-and durbin and those pols caused this. If they get the money they get some of it in their continued pay and pensions and I will get taken again with more taxes. Please-why did pritzker get away with his tax fraud and I, a retired widow has to pay every penny every year? Illinois, Land of Leavin’ is the obvious disdain taxpayers have for Illinois, which means the hate people have for the pols who caused this situtation. BANKRUPTCY FOR ILLINOIS. That’s the solution, not a bailout.

S and P 500

I saw this piece in the LV Sun about how teacher subs don’t get paid during the shutdown like regular teachers. I didn’t know that Steve Sisolak who used to be county commissioner is Gov. now. He was a big foe of firemen and their runaway pensions a while ago but I don’t know what he’s doing about pensions now. LV is in a lot of trouble with the casinos closed. Union teachers miss work quite a bit so maybe CCSD better give those subs something.

Danni Smith

once again the guhs get special treatment in the unconstituional creation of classes of people. They get paid and the people who have to work to create wealth have to pay them while they get zero pay. Do we see the irony of this? Do we see the fury building? Do we see why the real war is coming? We have had it.


9:05: “Mandating that federal public employee unions get paid for the union work they do”

Sounds like something from the Illinois playbook.

Governor of Alderaan

What a scumbag Durban is

Hank Scorpio

Yep. Here it comes. I guess they realize that 20% of unemployed Illinoisans are going to have a hard time paying their property tax bill…


And make no mistake, property values are going to plummet. And they know it


Makes no difference. When they plummeted in 08 did your tax bill really go down ? Mine didnt. They just change the multiplier I guess.


It has a lot to do with PTELL. If you are in one of the 36 counties that are under Ptell they can collect what was LEVIED the year before not billed or collected plus 5% or 1/2 of inflation whichever is less. So if your property value is cut in half the tax rate doubles but if the property values doubles they are limited to 5%. They have their bases covered. Look into property tax extension levy law for more info.


Right on schedule

Fed up neighbor

Oh course Durbin would he knows this state is done for, what a prime time story especially in a election year. Are you worried Durbin you won’t get re-elected, the federal government should turn and tell you Mr.Durbin you created your mess live with it or fix it yourself.


I hope his term ends early due to the circumstances he put himself into, but now beyond his control.


Durbin has a 100% chance of being elected. Too many democrat voters in this state.


Durban is supported by the Free Stuff Army and AFSME.

He wlll be re-elected


Durbin didn’t get this money for IL or any other state. There was always going to be money in this approprition to help the states manage their responsibilities regarding the COVID-19 virus fight over and above the meds & supplies the feds are supplying. After all the Chinese Virus is the reason behind the Feds largesse. And people living in fiscally responsible states can probably sit back with no worry that the money will be spent for that purpose. However, we live in IL and it’s always a crap shoot when our politicians get their hands on extra funds. If… Read more »