Cheapskates, savers and ascetics, change your ways.

Gluttons, flaunters and high rollers, show us what you got.

Now is the moment for you and everybody in between to do what’s ordinarily irresponsible: Spend like there’s no tomorrow. Your country needs you.

Unless you’ve been in a cave the last several days, you know that tens of millions of Americans are facing calamity. Layoffs, pay cuts and shutdowns may well now be outpacing the initial years of the Great Depression.

Aside from doing what you can to reduce the spread of the Chinese Virus, there’s something easy that will help, assuming you’re not among the victims and have the means. Spend. Spend where you see working class people hurting the most. Spend where it most likely will end up in the pockets of those who need it. Spend at the places you know can’t make payroll.

Look around your community to find them. In mine, it’s places like the car repair shop now with a “help us” sign in the window. Or the spinning studio owned by a woman who has resorted to renting out her exercise machines. Or countless restaurants struggling to stay alive with take-outs. Desperation is growing almost everywhere.

Government can’t solve this crisis and we don’t know how long it will last. It’s up to us.

-Mark Glennon


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Mark. I do like the first part. “Spend like you never have” That is the Motto of our Illinois Government. It should be embroidered on the state flag! Taxpayers motto should be what Howard Beale from the movie Network said “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”!!

David Somebody

The state can’t seem to keep up with background checks so dead halt there.
Even that places that have ammo won’t ship to Illinois anymore.
This is like sports betting income (or would be) state needs to fix this quick.

s and p 500

I’d like to spend but it’s getting harder. I went to Best Buy today in L.A. and they turned it into a giant “take-out only” store. You can order stuff and pick it up at the store but you can’t go inside. Las Vegas is basically all closed. That comment by debtsor might explain why teachers’ reaction to this disaster is “when are all schools going to have certified librarians and reading specialists?”


A huge segment of Illinois society “has it” to spend.
Public employees like teachers have no crisis-related differences in their economic lives: paychecks still arrive like clockwork, they have no worries about dignified retirement in stock market crash because by god they know their rights, and no concern over losing job=losing health insurance because by god they know their rights and that can’t happen to them.

Are THOSE the ones being appealed to in this article?


Pro-tip: Tip like a pro. If you get takeout from your local restaurant, tip as if you ate there.


We also have always been big spenders at are local ( non chain) restaurants, auto mechanic, home repair etc.. but the virus will be the final nail in coffin to mom & pop, strip mall retail. Its a goner.. all that will be left is walmart, costco & amazon–theyll be the big winners when all’s said & done. I try and avoid the malls but yesterday got up early to get some work at home office supplies and was absolutely shocked to see large parts of parking lot used as staging for 100s of brand new amazon trucks. Amazon &… Read more »


Mark- Tons of respect for you, but I do disagree with you on this. This country is in trouble (and has been for a while), because no one knows how to save. Saving allows for a cushion when things turn bad. The spending of every dollar that comes into a family’s pocket, while borrowing is part of this problem.


We shouldn’t overly fear the failure of a business. Capitalism is an efficient system. When one business fails, other stronger businesses take it’s place. If Wendy’s were to fail, Mcdonald’s benefits. Wendy’s employees become Mcdonalds employees. That’s a over simplified example, but it makes my point.

Poorly run businesses deserve to die and over time they surely will die. All an emergency situation does is expose and accelerate the inevitable.


Darwinism & Natural Selection apply to businesses as well

Mike Williams

I’m a conservative and as such believe that businesses and individuals should have savings for emergencies. While the exact nature of emergencies can not be predicted, the probability of eventually facing one is extremely high. Throughout most of my life (in Illinois) I have denied myself luxuries in order to save money while others chose not to save. Now one of those unforeseen emergencies has impacted my life. My savings will be reduced, but I’ll be fine financially. Several years ago when I realized I was living in a place that didn’t come close to following the conservative principle of… Read more »


I totally agree with you. I tell people I haven’t left the midwest in a decade and my vacations have all been car vacations, and they look at me like I’m a crazy person. But I’m going to pay my bills next month, and after that too, and I’m not some old person with family money or a million dollars in the bank. I save for an emergency, carry little debt and live my conservative values accordingly.


17 people in Illinois died of West Nile virus in 2018. Think about that. Mosquitos are everywhere and the disease attacked and killed elderly. 61 died in the IL in 2002, the most of any state. Dozens of people died every year in our failing state since. Did we shut down the state’s economy because of West Nile virus? Maybe we should have.


I am spending locally. I dont eat out much but I am ordering take out for the next 2 weeks. We are going to lose so many small businesses due to this. Support local business if you can