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A day of phone calls by Barack Obama to his Hollywood buddies.

That’s probably all it would have taken to find enough of them anxious to have their names on one of the rooms, hallways or whatever in the Obama Center being built in Chicago. Instead, Illinois taxpayers from Cairo to Galena will pay $172 million towards construction. It’s in the new budget just passed, to be signed shortly by Governor Rauner.

Remember when we were told, “Construction and maintenance will be funded by private donations and no taxpayer money will go to the foundation”? That’s what an Obama Foundation spokesperson said. Oh, I guess that didn’t mean re-configuring roadways around the center, which apparently is what the state money will go towards.

Obamaland rendering, coming to Chicago

It’s not a presidential library, by the way, since the archives for his papers and such will be somewhere else.

It’s Obamaland, as the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet predicted it would be known.

It’s real purpose is teaching Obama’s politics, courtesy of taxpayers. From the Chicago Tribune: “As he’s long maintained, Obama said he envisions his center as a place where young people from around the world can meet each other, get training and prepare to become the next generation of leaders.”

Actually, it seems appropriate somehow for Illinois taxpayers to get whacked for this. Think of it as a monument of sorts to decades of Obama-style government in Illinois. The black unemployment rate in Illinois is the worst in the nation and almost twice the rate for whites. The national economy is booming while Illinois races deeper into insolvency.

That’s all the consolation I can offer. You’ll be funding a monument.

Mark Glennon is founder and executive editor of Wirepoints.



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Terry Nugent

Regardless of your politics you should give credit where credit is due. The Obama “Library’” will be a liberal mecca, generationg billions of tax dollars. In addition it will be a catalyst for the restoration of Woodlawn, South Shore, and the entire South Side, which will generate more. Illinois in property, sales, and other taxes.

If you genuinely want to fix the disc of the city, county, and state, you should wholeheartedly support the necessary investment.

Jeff Kamrath

I can’t get out of Illinois fast enough.

Jeff Kamrath

I can’t get the h’’l out of Illinois fast enough.


The whole thing is disgusting, we do not need an indoctrination disaster, it is not a library. This is Rahm’s deal he always had his nose up Obummers A$$


This whole thing is disgusting, he was the worst president ever to be in the Whitehouse, why in Gods name would and city to is in such low help in jobs allow this to be build. Obama is gone and building is a joke. Be smart people don’t let this happen, we want him gone.


got to love the hypocrisy of this guy. Tax and spend tax and spend.

Karen Berger

The hubris of President Obama is breath taking. Monument are usually built after a famous person passes, and not while they are still young and active. Illinois is full of a bunch of tax mule suckers!


UGH…I don’t want to contribute a penny!


For $172M, I expect some recognition. Prominent signage proclaiming: This exit/overpass/pedway was made possible by the generous contributions of THE TAXPAYERS OF ILLINOIS

missy bartelson

Unwilling taxpayers of Illinois. Not generous, not a contribution in the real sense.


It looks a lot like the metropolitan correctional center. Slits for windows. Burnham must be rolling in his grave.

robert neville

Born here, lived here all my life, and I can’t leave Illinois fast enough. Mike Madigan, Rham, and John Cullerton can all go to hell, I’m going to Texas! (h/t Davy Crockett)


Propaganda Land.


A monument dedicated to community organizing and perpetuation of Chicago machine politics. The crazy train keeps right on rolling. Last one out turn out the lights.